The Photographer

Matthew Rakola grew up in a small college town in Maine (that would be O-R-O-N-O for you NYT crossword puzzle fans) with just enough freedom to get into mischief, but with enough brains that he really should have known better.

After graduating from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and consulting some tea leaves he decided to move to Portland, Oregon to work in brewpubs. (Seriously, the decision was made after reading the label on a bottle of Tazo iced tea.)  As it turns out, bartending really is the best training for being a commercial people photographer.  It requires the ability to read people quickly, anticipate needs and potential problems, and adjust one's inane banter accordingly. 

He uses these skills, and a few others to this day as a commercial, advertising and editorial photographer based in Washington, DC, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

His hobbies include home repair (he has the scars to prove it) and making up prominefulous words.

He's supported by Wonderful Machine and can also be found on Boulevard or in close proximity to a coffee shop.

Say hi at or 202-664-0601 and please follow me on social media by hitting the icons on the left...