Matthew Rakola (The Photographer)

Matthew, a proud Maine native, learned how to photograph people by bartending. Both professions require reading people quickly, anticipating their needs, and adjusting your inane banter accordingly. To be fair, he also learned a thing or two as a commercial photography major at Syracuse University, where he spent hundreds of hours up to his elbows in smelly photo chemistry.

I guess It’s fair that he earned most of his professional training washing dishes.

Today he uses all of these skills and more as a commercial, advertising and editorial photographer based in Washington, DC. He specializes in making regular folks comfortable in front of the camera and is hired by repeat clients for his ability to deliver images on deadline and on budget.

When he's not writing about himself in the third person or making images, he's probably with wife, chasing their two sons around. He’s actively lobbying his family for a pet skunk, who he is going to name Kodak.

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Represented by Robert Bacall, (917)763-6554

Say hi at or (202) 664-0601

Clients include: 2U, Google, National Geographic Kids, Network Media Partners (now MCI), Price Waterhouse Cooper, Science Magazine, Thomson Reuters, and many other editorial clients and universities.