A First Little Film...

Video, for me, is like going to the gym. I’ve dabbled in it for years, always dragging my heels, making excuses, and generally afraid to commit 100%. After all, I’ve spent 18 years honing my photography skills, and switching to a medium where you can’t even rotate the canvas just seemed… like running for an hour on a treadmill and realizing you haven’t actually moved.

In the past few years I’ve shot a few small projects, generally under the radar, and have been slowly building up my comfort level and equipment. I’ve filmed a few interviews and captured some B-roll; leaving most of it on the editing room floor. In December I took the plunge and purchased a Canon C100mk2, a dedicated video camera. (‘Cause hey? Why not go big?) I’ve been getting acquainted with this tool ever since. I’m still learning to edit, but I’ve come a long way since committing.

Here’s my first little personal project with the camera:

Tech Notes:

This was all shot with the Canon C100mk2. The lenses were either the Canon’s 24-105mm f4/L II, the 100mm L Macro, or the Canon 35mm Art. A few shots made use of this nifty little FLM tabletop tripod with a Manfrotto ball head. Editing was done on Premiere Pro. Music was licensed from www.Musicbed.com