Now on Deck at Philly Reps!

I’ve known Stacy Swiderski for 6 or 7 years now, since her days at Wonderful Machine. She’s been editing my work for just about as long, currently under her own shingle. When I found out that she was starting a project based marketing and consulting house, Philly Reps, I was on board!

What makes Philly Reps different from the rest of the shops out there, and what really got my attention, was their focus. They promote and cultivate one body of work at a time, so it has a chance to sink in. For a happy generalist like myself this is perfect. I’m really excited to see where this goes!

Click the screen grab below to take a look!

Feeling it

We as creators want to create. I'd argue that finding a tool that makes the process enjoyable is as important a part of creating an image as the objective quality of the tool. Like Dorothy Gale (from Kansas!), as far as I'm concerned there's no place like home– or in this case, my first "real" camera. I've owned almost every kind of camera out there, from Leica to Mamiya to 8x10, but the classic SLR best fits how I naturally "see" the world. It's the tool that I kind of forget about when it's in my hand. Currently my Sony a7 with vintage Canon FD manual focus lenses gets me as close to the intimate experience I'm looking for as anything I've found, with the fewest amount of distractions.  I just purchased a new (20 year old) Canon FD 35mm f2 that joins my FD 50mm f1.2 and will probably soon be joined by the 85mm 1.8.  They are all small, unobtrusive, and relatively cheap. While they may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, so to speak, they have a certain feel that just gets me to my happy place.

Here are three of the first images I've made with the 35mm f2. (Yup, the kids.)

All images are full frame, straight outta camera with only color temperature adjustments made in Lightroom, with the exception of #3 which has some vignetting. These are all shot at f2 with the camera in Aperture priority.

And a few oldies but goodies with the Canon FD 50mm f1.2...